Mother Armenia

Will blockchain become BlockchainYAN? Or blockchain with Armenian charm.

The world is spinning around incredibly fast. During the past twenty years, we have witnessed a period of innovations, new beginnings, and the creation of a totally different world; with new technologies without which it is almost impossible to imagine the 21st century. With giving human breath to the machines, and making them think like creatures with a beating heart. With the medicine that is trying to cure every existing disease, making every life count, ​bearing in mind that ​everyone can make a difference. With the internet, which simplifies life to its core, giving access to unlimited information. With the digitalization of almost everything we touch. We have witnessed the creation of blockchain, which keeps your data safe and promises to change the world even more, by reshaping several realms of your world and mine, in the span of the next several years.

As an Armenian, I know that a small country can make a difference. I know, that after a devastating and inhumane period of time in the history of the world, a nation can be reborn and blossom with brighter colors. The world was spinning all the way through our hardships and happiness. It is spinning around right now, as you are reading this text. Standing in front of the constant development of the world, understanding that I can’t change the process; I decided to predict it.

So, as I mentioned above, blockchain aims to change several spheres of our world. I’m willing to not only define already existing predictions but also imply those onto Armenian reality. And don’t tell me later I didn’t warn you (the wind of change is coming for ya :D)


First and foremost, blockchain is about security. Decentralized data storage, virtually unhackable due to the algorithm? Yes. This is the reality we are living in. I’m not saying you will not use google drive or any cloud-based app. But after the Cambridge Analytica and Snowden cases, can you ever fully trust centralized data storage? With blockchain, it is impossible to collect all information from different accounts into one place. It is decentralized, and only you are the king of your data.

Just to mention, even blockchain can’t do anything about your relatives or neighbors, who are occasionally sharing your data without your permission.
(Armenian care is just another level of caring at all. Obviously, out of the spinning world). Let’s hope, that we will change that, once we will get older.

Financial technology

Bitcoin is the word around which we have all this hype. Even though blockchain is not only for bitcoin, banking is the most developed sphere of blockchain implementation. With faster transactions, no government control, or any other third parties, it has made some steps towards reshaping the banking systems in several countries.

Armenia doesn’t have any regulations from the Central Bank of Armenia, or any law, banning cryptos. Probably, dram (Armenian currency) has enough courage to not respond to the world’s hype around his fellow competitor – bitcoin.
We hope, that one day Crypto and FIAT can work in sync at the government level. Who knows, maybe Armenia is the next country in the region to change its banking system for good? Maybe that’s why they’ve changed the way dram looks recently? Make it water resilient and fancier? 10 points go to … Dram! Come on bitcoin! Show Armenia what you’ve got!


Oh, I know! We have been talking about politics maybe a little too much within the last year, due to the Velvet Revolution and elections of the new parliament. You have my promise, I’m not going to talk about past political events again. Instead, we will look into the depth of our nearest future.
Blockchain will disrupt a voting system, that’s for sure! Imagine absolutely transparent, automatized voting, without a tiny possibility of a falsification? Looks damn good, right? Blockchain will keep your future in its tight warm hug and what is really important, is that it won’t let bad guys steal that beauty from you!

Armenia has already proved to the world, that it is possible to have a peaceful revolution and stand for what is right. So, why can’t we as Armenians stand for transparent votings? ​If we are a peaceful nation with a burning heart of changes, we need blockchain like a flower needs water. Let’s wait a bit, maybe that wind of change is on its way!

The world is spinning around incredibly fast, my friend. You are the one who needs to decide, whether you are spinning around with it, swallowing all possible information, or are you staying still in the box of your comfort zone, arguing with the wall about the life you are living in, and the world that dares to spin without any rest for more than 4.5 billion years.