A decentralized application (Dapp) is an application that is open source, operates autonomously, has its data stored on a blockchain, incentivized in the form of cryptographic tokens as well as operates on a protocol that shows proof of value.

What is the Decentralized Application development process? Generally, the process looks like this:

  • Whitepaper & Prototype
  • Token Sale
  • TGE – Token Generation Event
  • Implementation & Launch

How is the data stored? To emphasize, the applications must cryptographically store their data and operation records as a decentralized public blockchain.

Interesting facts

  • There are 3582 Dapps as for August 2020, according to StateOfTheDapps, a registry of Dapp projects.
  • DApp is not owned by any single source but stored in different nodes of the network.
  • The most popular Dapp is EOS Knights according to DappRadar.