Noooring the month #vol.Jan

Behind every successful man, there is a strong woman. Behind closed curtains, there is always a bunch of effort and sleepless nights. Behind every president, there is a little child who believes in his dream. Behind any existing organization, there is a whole team, working, laughing, making the difference every single day, in hopes that by every tiny step forward, there is a change which is patiently waiting around the corner.

Nooor” Armenian Blockchain Association is an office full of bright ideas, serious meetings and fruitful discussions! And if you think that non-for-profit organizations don’t usually work that much, you’re hella wrong! Planning, strategies, calls, interviews, deadlines, and much- much more!

If you have ever wondered, how does everything work inside of Nooor, we are here to launch the  #noooringthemonth – a monthly overview, which will keep you updated on the latest news and accomplishments of ours, so you’ll become a silent witness of our incredible journey on becoming the next global blockchain hub!

If we are the face of the blockchain technology in the region we need to be as transparent as it is possible, so you will know the information not from the third party media, but from a third-party insider. Seems as it is the same now, but trust me, you will feel the difference 😀

Nooor is going global

If you have spent your January relaxed, with no stress, busy with planning the year that we have ahead, Nooor was working more than ever! No, not working more, but working wider!

  • Nooor had established good relations with several organizations, as well as service providers all around the globe!
  • Covered the world map in different directions; from Africa to South America, from Australia to Europe and much more!

If you are not that good at geography, you have a one in a million chance to learn geography with Nooor, we’ve got you covered, mate! *Stay tuned for more y’all! *

Nooor Connects

On the 28-29th of January, the “Nooor” Armenian Blockchain Association held meetings between the founder and CEO of the US-based TurboChains company – Ralph Liu, together with his tech team from China, and the Armenian representatives of the banking and IT Industries. The discussion began with a presentation of the TurboPay application and followed with possible future partnership talks.

Nooor in numbers

Hours spent on calls – 19.5

Negotiations initiated – 43

Signed MOUs with Blockchain Associations – 10

Well, with a January like this, it is almost impossible to imagine the workload that February will bring for us! Bearing in mind that this is the shortest month we have ahead, we are willing to achieve all of our goals, and from now on, we will keep you monthly updated!

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