Noooring the March

Noooring the month: March

Roses are red, Violets are blue,

You love us too much,

As much as we do.

Welcome to our monthly Nooor overview, fellas!

March was full of events and new partnerships for Nooor. The month brought the best opportunities to show Armenia from the Blockchain and Tech side, along with presenting its possibilities to the international network. We have had extremely exciting plans and long planning sessions.

First and foremost, this month Nooor initiated the development of the legislation regarding Crypto and token regulations in Armenia, in cooperation with Elawphant  law firm.  Yep, sounds damn serious, and it is serious! So, at the moment we have created a working group on crypto policy to process the development of the law, that will take the growth of the industry to the next level.  

Fingers crossed, heart beating fast, wish us luck!

In March our partners shared information about upcoming events; we are happy to share some info with you:

  • Our partners from France are organizing  The Paris Blockchain Week which will take place on April 13- 19th, 2019 as a series of events under the High Patronage of the Ministry for the Economy and Finance and the Secretary of State for Digital Affairs of France. The flagship event of the above mentioned Paris Blockchain Week will be the Paris Blockchain Week Summit  which will take place  16-17th of April 2019 –  that will gather 3,000 French and international professionals of the industry. The Paris Blockchain Week Summit will be an exclusive opportunity to show Paris as the European capital of blockchain and crypto-asset fundraising.
  • Our partner from China- International Consensus Association is organizing a series of events specifically for startups to boost the development of blockchain projects. ICA is a co-host with the government of China for the meetup, and interested to invite worldwide Blockchain-based projects to China. The meet-up events with the future possibility of fundraising are going to take place in March and April in three cities of China.
  • Our partners from Malta are organizing  Malta AI & Blockchain Summit on May 22nd to 25th in St. Julians, Malta. The summit promises to be increasing in both size and scope, reflecting the hypervelocity of advances and immense opportunities that the sector has seen over recent months. They will host two shows this year – the first in May, and the second in November.  

We’ve gotten to know a number of service providers and investment funds, during the March that we have behind us- by establishing goood relations with Infinity Blockchain Ventures and Better Alternatives. Bearing in mind the wide spectre of their doings and the services they offer, we provide these opportunities to the members of the Armenian community that can be used for the better development of projects, startups and teams.

Moreover, we’ve partnered with the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance, Blockchain Costa Rica, Blockchain Colombia and Australian Digital Commerce Association. With the beginning of partnerships with the above-mentioned organizations, we have created a platform for information and experience exchange, implementation of joint activities, as well as created ties to boost the development of digital economies of involved countries and, most importantly, we marked the spots of presence for Armenia globally.  

Additionally, we are more than happy to say, that The University of Nicosia is the Academia Partner of Nooor Armenian Blockchain Association. With this partnership, we are presenting expertise and a wide range of opportunities to our community, as well as offering their Digital Currency MC.

They say, that with March ending, people are reborn, and after the wild and cold winter, our souls begin to blossom with the unknown-to-nature flowers, coupled with the undefinable smell of flourishing opportunities of the time!  We, as never before, feel the warm embrace of spring on our shoulders and open up our exhausted, winterish souls to the warmth of the Season, which will bring so many new emotions, opportunities and memories.

Global blockchain hub – are not just words in the air.

We are working night and day and this huge dream of ours is keeping us awake, and to be honest, it started to improve itself by becoming a reality.

Stay tuned, this is just the beginning!

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