Women in blockchain

Let me guess the first feeling you had when you weren’t even born yet. When the world was going through its usual circle, but without your existence in it.

At this moment you perceive this text diligently through the prism of your understandings, and your memory keeps alive all the moments that matter, all the emotions that are important and the moments that are dear to your heart. In the same instant, memories also keep the worst of your life episodes, the devastation and hardships.

But there are several years that your mind just blows away with time, where you were so tiny and new to the world- a world that had been waiting for you for too long. I’ll give you the moment of silence at my keyboard so you can try to remember. No? Nothing?…Exactly!

Our minds cleared away the most precious memory of our first ever feeling – tenderness.

Tenderness of the first voice that you have ever heard. The first touch that calmed you in a wild-wild world of misunderstandings. And there was a woman who was by your side all the time. Your mom. The one, with whom you were from the beginning. Who has a part in your soul, who was there even when the world was only yours and hers.

Tenderness – since the beginning.

So why can’t we claim that blockchain has its tenderness, or that during its creation, behind the technology was the one, who gave that tenderness not only to her child but also to humanity by inventing the technology of the century?

Everyone is so confident in the fact that Satoshi Nakamoto (the creator of blockchain)  is a man, or a group of men, therefore, automatically eliminating the possibility of a woman being the main figure behind the creation of this technology.

– Satoshi Nakamoto is a man!

– No, you dummy, it is a group of people!

– Oh, sure, ha-ha a woman? Keep yourself together!  They are just women and they have no place in technology like this.

-… Um, excuse me?  

Can you imagine for a second what would it be if a woman was behind the creation of blockchain technology?

  • She would have made it damn hard to understand ( probably, that’s why men are trying too hard to understand women, hence creating tons of books on: “How to understand a woman”,  ” What a girl wants?” and so on)
  • She would probably add some spice by creating a currency, so men can compete with each other on having most of it. Just like you asked your mom to buy you more toys when you already had enough.
  • Also, she would have made it fair and logical. YES, LOGICAL! Breaking the stereotypes at its finest.
  • And lastly, she would add some tenderness, by making you think that she is a Satoshi Nakamoto, a Man not a Woman, so your ego will give in by a tender grasp of a lady.

Well, let’s be adults for a second, ok? Do we actually care if it is a man or a woman? Is it THAT important?  Maybe we will never ever find out about the real identity of the creator. Maybe we will, maybe even today or a year after, who knows? What really matters is that we are living in the  21st century, where genders are starting to create and learn with the same rights and opportunities.

We shouldn’t have to emphasize that a woman achieved something in tech and be like “…she’s a woman and we will let her talk”.  NO! We need to perceive both women and men NOT by their gender, but for their ideas, skills, and experience.

We decided to trust math and logic instead of people in suits. Let’s trust in knowledge – not in gender.  

Tenderness was there from the beginning. Tenderness is in the knowledge, cause tenderness is power!

So embrace that power and stop labeling capacities of people in different spheres based on their gender, race, or nation.

Blockchain is leaving you weaponless, as you are dealing with the transparent network where the technology sees only the true potential and bright ideas shining within yourself.

By being the technology of the future, the peer to peer network already doesn’t care about your gender, as all the participants, creators and contributors are coming as peer nodes, hence, making your physical appearance invisible. Regardless if you are a man or woman, black or white, Asian or Armenian, blockchain technology perceives you as a peer node,  that can push things forward without centralizing on who you are and what you can “do”. Blockchain is here to make a difference!

That’s why I’m asking you to take a deep breath and focus on your memories. Try to find that very first feeling of tenderness. Eventually, you will discover the tremendous warmth, that will fill you up with enthusiasm and empathy.

Embrace the power. Embrace the tenderness.

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