bitcoin pizza day

Bitcoin Pizza Day

Today is the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day celebrated by the entire crypto world. Exactly ten years ago today, Laszlo Hanyecz, a Florida programmer who had also contributed to the source code of Bitcoin in the past, made the first known purchase of physical goods with bitcoin.

In 2010 bitcoin was already on the market for around a year but not a single good was yet paid for with bitcoins until Laszlo decided to push it with some of his coins. He posted on the forum that he will pay 10,000BTC to anybody who will get 2 pizzas to his house. Another user took the challenge and ordered 2 big Papa John’s pizzas delivered to Laszlo’s place after getting his bitcoins worth $41 at the time.

As the bitcoin price grew ever since, the value of those famous two pizzas today is more than $90 mln US dollars.

Hanyecz, also known as the Bitcoin Pizza Guy never regretted spending his bitcoins for his meal. At that moment they had no value, and nothing would change if someone didn’t prove that a real purchase can be made with bitcoin. This was a breakthrough for the whole industry paving a way for bitcoin recognition and adoption. 

Our team at Nooor Blockchain Armenia is fond of traditions and we were planning to throw a huge Pizza Party with our Nooor community. But due to the pandemic the plans have changed. Anyways, we decided to organize a pizza giveaway for the network and now we already have those two lucky guys who are going to enjoy their pizzas today!


Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day, folks! 

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