Founded in 2017, “Nooor” Armenian Blockchain Association is a non-profit organization that unites and supports blockchain enthusiasts, experts, developers, businesses, startups from various spheres helping them integrate into the international blockchain network.


We set to turn Armenia into the next global tech hub through integrating blockchain technologies into Armenian tech and building bridges with International markets.


Let’s create the next global blockchain hub together.

Community Meetups

Community Meetups

Blockchain is the future. And that future has already started engaging more and more people from all over the globe. We want to inform and unite blockchain enthusiasts by organizing meetups and events on the topics we all care about - the positive changes brought by blockchain technologies.

Nooor Education


We educate and promote blockchain technologies through knowledge and experience sharing events, meetups, sessions, market research, support, scientific programs and publications conducted by professionals.

Government Relations & Policy Advocacy

We cooperate with government and state entities to contribute to and encourage transparency in government activities through the integration of blockchain technologies into various institutions, as well as creating a favorable business environment for companies operating in the private sector.


Startups & Entrepreneurship

We provide legal, technical, methodological, and strategic support to blockchain powered companies, startups, and entrepreneurs on all stages of their development and growth. Driven by success, we help initiatives achieve their goals and, eventually, create the multiplier effect.


FinTech & ICO Support

We are passionate about having our contribution in the FinTech and ICO spheres. We assist companies in the process of tokenization of businesses, provide consulting regarding cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and ICOs.


International Network

We provide a large and diverse network on international scale that unites blockchain tycoons, enthusiasts, and professionals to share their expertise through trainings, conferences, hackathons, special events, and programs.

Nooor believes in the power of networking and reliable partnerships as the best takeaways of the 21st century.


Participation in Association’s working groups

Advisory and recommendations

Promotion by Nooor at international events

Meetings with invited international experts

Access to relevant international networks

Support in relations with Public Institutions

Access to talents via educational programs