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Founded in 2017, Nooor Blockchain Armenia is a non-profit association that unites and supports blockchain enthusiasts, experts, developers, startups, businesses and investors.

We set to turn Armenia into the next global tech hub through integrating blockchain into Armenian tech and building bridges with international communities.

Nooor Education


We run a number of in-house developed educational programs both for students and executives. Apart from regular classes and workshops we help the leading academia of the country to include blockchain as a subject in universities.

Community Meetups

Community Building

We raise awareness about the fantastic opportunities of decentralization and unite people around the blockchain's promise of global impact by organizing meetups and international events of larger scale, engaging more and more people from all over the globe.


Startups & Entrepreneurship

We provide technical, legal, and strategic support to entrepreneurs, startups and companies seeking for new opportunities in blockchain. We help initiatives achieve their goals and by leveraging the exceptional international network we have got.

Government Relations & Policy Advocacy

We help the government create a favorable business environment in the field by proposing our views on the regulation, as well as encourage transparency in government activities through the integration of blockchain into various state institutions.

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ChainPoint Conference

ChainPoint is a series of distinctive conferences by nooor with a primary goal to make real business happen in one place for the embellishing reality of tomorrow.

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Blockchain Challenger

The Blockchain Challenger is an in-house developed, certificate-based 5-week educational program designed to learn applying blockchain solutions to real-world challenges.

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Solidity Development

An 8-week educational program specifically designed to teach coding on Ethereum Blockchain using Solidity, creating Smart Contracts and building dApps.

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Check out the most worth attending events by us and our partners.

15.04.2022 19:00

Open Mic

nooor blockchain armenia logo
Yerevan, Armenia

Don’t miss the opportunity to become a part of “Blockchain Meetups” powered by ISTC Foundation and nooor. The “Open Mic” session is on the 15th of April, so hurry up to register either as a speaker or as a viewer!

Coming soon!

ChainPoint 2022

Yerevan, Armenia

ChainPoint is our annual series of distinctive conferences, which are happening with a primary goal to make real business happen in one place for the embellishing reality of tomorrow.
Being the largest conference in the region, ChainPoint traditionally brings together the top brass of blockchain space, provides a platform where everyone from the most cutting-edge startup to industry giant comes for three main things: to network, to master and simply get business done.